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but you wouldn't know a good thing

if it came up and slit your throat

<3 Lauren <3
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98 degrees, a second chance, a walk to remember, acdc, aim, alanis morissette, alkaline trio, american hi-fi, american pie, ashton kutcher, b2k, backstreet boys, band t-shirts, beaches, blink 182, blink182, boxcar racer, boys, brand new, brian mcknight, britney spears, care bears, cell phones, chocolate chip cookies, coloring, coloring books, concerts, converse, country, dancing, dashboard confessional, degrassi, disney movies, dude wheres my car?, earrings, eatting, emo, finch, finding nemo, france, french, friends, fuse, gorikoza, guys, hawaii, hidden in plain view, hilary duff, hip-hop, hollister, homegrown, hugs, ice cream, jack off jill, jessica simpson, jewerly, jimmy fallon, john mayer, josh hartnett, josh kelly, journey, konstantine, laughing, lifetime movies, lipgloss, livejournal, love, lucky boys confusion, lyrics, mad tv, makeup, mandy moore, manicures, mashed potatoes, matchbook romance, mest, movies, mtv, mushroomhead, music, new found glory, new york city, nick lachey, nsync, old school rap, oldies, palm trees, pearl harbor, pictures, pink, pink hair, poems, pretty underwear, punk, quotes, rain, reading, real world, reo speedwagon, rolling stones, rooney, roos, rufio, running, saltine crackers, scary movies, senses fail, shoes, shopping, sigur ros, simple plan, singing, skateboarding, skittles, sleep, sleeping, smiling, something corporate, spongebob, stars, starting line, steel train, stix, story of the year, sugarcult, sum41, summer, sun, switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, tanning, the all american rejects, the beatles, the darkness, the early november, the sound of music, the starting line, the vines, the who, third eye blind, tinkerbell, track, trading spaces, traveling, tropical areas, video cameras, warm weather, writing, yellowcard